How my sister and I got into ATV-Quad  riding and One with Quad

Harvey Bolton – the “Big Cheese”

About April 2005 a friend of mine, Keith, asked me if I wanted to go to Pismo Beach, CA (Pismo Dunes now called the Oceano Dunes) and spend the week end ATV riding. Well, although never having owned a quad or any type of motorcycle before in my life, I said yes and was looking forward to the new experience. At Pismo we drove and camped right on the beach. I rented a quad to ride from one of the many quad rental companies on the beach. That weekend I had a blast. Later that same summer, I took my wife, Cherilyn and son, Shelby to Pismo Beach for an afternoon of quading to see if they liked it and to see how well they would catch on to riding. They both did real well. In fact, they both went around in circles in the bowls and were trying out jumping after only a couple of hours. We were hooked. After looking at new quads for a couple of years and whining to my wife I got on the Internet in March of 2007 and found some great deals on quads and persuaded my wife to let me purchase them. That March we bought two Suzuki King Quad 450’s for my wife and son and a Kawasaki KFX 700 for me and a new quad trailer.

My sister, Nancy, was visiting us from Oregon in Jan ’09. I asked her if she would like to go quading with me. She answered reluctantly, “Yes”. Nancy had never driven any kind of motorized vehicle other than a car before. I took her out to Peavine Ridge for some simple riding. Before taking off, I showed her all the controls and how to put the quad into 4 wheel drive and set a helmet on her head. Off we went at about 5 miles an hour. We drove for miles and miles at 5 miles an hour. By the end of our ride that day, I got her to push the speed to a whopping 10 mph at times. But it was all good and fun. After that trip I wanted her to kind of get back on the saddle sort of speak. So I asked her if she wanted to go riding again. This time the answer was a definite, “YES”!! That day we went back to Peavine Ridge and rode even longer. I took her through patches of snow so she could try 4 wheel drive and she even went a little faster, I think we reached 18 to 20 mph top speed. SO, BOTTOM LINE and no kidding , two months later she moved to Pollock Pines, got a  job and two weeks after that bought a King Quad of her own. I THINK SHE WAS HOOKED.

My sister, Nancy, came up with the idea for One with Quad and a blog on the internet and asked me if I wanted to be a part of it. I answered with a definite, “ YES”!! Since that time I now do most of the writing and updates on the site myself and have kind of taken over scence my sister has sold her quad to me and moved to Colorado.

Hope you enjoy our Blog Magazine.   ~ Harvey

The Picture below is of me and my sister, Nancy, on her second quad ride at Peavine Ridge, near Pollock Pines, CA.

Harvey and Nancy

Nancy and Harvey – January 2009

Nancy Bolton-Rawles,” Cheese-ette”

My brother, Harvey, is the best guy to go out quading with – he is just a great guy all around. It was he and his enthusiasm for this sport along with his patience and willingness to teach me the safest way and most fun way to quad that got me started. I used to go hiking and could only see a few miles of the forest. And I am not all that fond of long hikes, but I do love the beauty of the outdoors. Now we go miles and miles. One trip was about 65 miles round trip. It was a blast and great exercise! I love to photograph and I have ample opportunity to do so with so much beauty around.

Most of my trips have been with Harvey, Cherilyn and their son, Shelby. We have also gone out with the local Polaris quad group that meets once a month during the open road season. I have had and will have the opportunity to enjoy a lot of outdoors, that I normally wouldn’t have and also met great people during our rides. It’s fun to stop, enjoy the scenery, take photos and have picnics with each other.


I hope you will enjoy reading about our adventures and will join in and tell us about yours. Please write and contact us if you have any interest in joining in the fun. ~ Nancy (Quad Rider, Photographer and Web Designer)

Pismo Beach Map:

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