Cherilyn and Harvey ride to Mud Lake and to Martell Flats for a Hike

Mud Lake and to Martell Flats for a Hike.

If you read my last article Riding Mud Lake with Keith and Harvey, I said that I really wanted to go back and hike to the two lakes that Keith and I saw from a ridge that we took pictures from. Well it only took two weeks of eating at me before I just had to go back and hike it. I didn’t want to go alone so I recruited my wife Cherilyn to go with me. We staged at Mud Lake OHV trail head off of Hwy 88 as before when Keith and I went. We set out from there and our destination was Martell Flats. As you can see in the map below the two lakes are in the Martell Flats area in the green.

Remember you can double click on the pictures if you want to see a larger picture. It really makes a difference.

Here, Cherilyn is at the staging area where we dropped the quads. This was Labor Day weekend and there were so many trucks and trailers I had to park way off in the background.


Having Cherilyn along, I let her ride up front and set the pace. We took our time and took more pictures of all the many wild flowers that were along the way. This is one of the most scenic rides that a trip can offer for such a short ride of 20 to 25 miles round trip. Even though it is a very consistently challenging ride, it is also a vary doable ride for most riders.



Cherilyn on the way to Allen Camp.                                                                Cherilyn at Allen Camp.


It’s me at the Allen Camp area. This area has a great big meadow with lots of flowers.


Talk about a bouquet of flowers.  WOW !!!!!                                      The glow of the flowers are all over Cherilyn.


Made it to Martell Flat , now to find the Lakes. There are no trails or trail head, I just looked at a map and we parked the quads where I thought we should start from, and off we went with a bag of goodies for lunch. We were walking in the direction that we thought the lake was, but the lake was kind of hidden and we had to laugh later but we walked right by it. In the picture the lake was dead center and you see what direction I’m going.


So we walked right on by the closest lake and made our way down to a meadow. We felt like we went to far . Cherilyn was getting cell phone coverage on her I Phone so she pulled up her GPS . It showed that the second lake was right through the meadow and over this little hill. So we headed in that direction.


Over the little hill and a gorgeous little lake appeared in front of us.


It looks like natures golf course. Like somebody mows the grass. Above it looks like Cherilyn is taking a picture of a putting green.


I’m going to see what’s on the other side of this rock hill.              This view is Telephone Gulch.


Self portrait.                                                                                         Nice view from up here.


After spending some time at this little lake with no name we headed back towards the way we came to find the lake that we walk by without seeing. Cherilyn’s Cell Phone was getting service so I sat down and figured out what direction the lake was from where we were at. It showed that the lake was just a little bit to the north of us and that we were almost right there. So we started walking in the direction it was supposed to be and there it was. The lake was hidden and not easy to see until you get right up on it.

Such a pretty lake, I think I will just lay back and enjoy for awhile.

The hike to the two lakes was only about a two mile round trip there and back. We set out from the lake and walked back to the quads.

On our trip back to the staging area we thought we would swing by Mud Lake and take some more pictures. Such a Beautiful Day.


On the way back I saw another lake through the trees so we stopped and took a look. The lake was on the verge of becoming another meadow just like what happens to alot of lakes in the forest eventually.


Well that’s the end of another great quad trip in the mountains. A lot of good exercise also. I think I lost about a pound off my places to explore list.

It was all good.   Oh, and not to mention we ran into a couple we met on our Eastern Sierra ATV Jamboree vacation we took in June. We really enjoyed our chat with them on the trail.

Happy Quading!

Harvey Bolton