Poho Ridge – April 2010

Poho Ridge – at the elevation of 3400 to 5000 feet – is a good place to explore on your quad in the spring time when there is still snow at the upper elevations. Located just 15 miles out of Pollock Pines, CA on Forebay Road.  It’s a good place to go if you don’t mind traveling on a one and a half lane (with some turn outs down a canyon and up the other side) paved road…

Road to Poho Ridge

Forebay Road to Poho Ridge

Once you get to the top of the other side canyon you can stage there. You should be able to get about 50 miles of good riding in on the many trails through the forest. The area has been recently logged but there are still some nice forested areas to drive through. There are two small waterfalls, three creeks and a pond to visit at different points as you make your way through the forest.

Note:  This ride is not compliant with the Eldorado National Motor Vehicle Restrictions Map because there are dirt and gravel roads on this trip that the map shows as (for Highway Legal Vehicles Only).

~ Harvey

Video taken by Nancy on the way to the waterfall at Brush Creek:


Brush Creek-Poho Ridge, CA

Brush Creek - Poho Ridge - No. CA

Looks Like a Bear to Me!

Actual Bear Track in the Melting Snow

Lunch Time in Poho Ridge - On the Quads

What a way to take a break! Lovin' It! - Nancy and Harvey