Strawberry to Hwy 88 Quad Ride

Quad Riding in Strawberry, California
Give your adrenaline a rush!

This is a good trip for later in the season when the snow in the highest elevation is melted off. This trip starts at an elevation of 6,000 ft. and ends at around 8,000 ft. elevation. This is a trail that from a “1-10” on how hard it is, I would say it’s a 7 or 8. We went with a group from the Polaris Dealer in Placerville, CA. It’s a good thing we had a group because there were a few places we needed help to get through. All that said, it was an awesome trip with great views and some rigorous riding that kept you on your toes. Whatever you do don’t take this trip alone and be prepared. This trip isn’t a long trip miles wise but it will sure tucker you out. It is worth it though, with the grand mountain views and the clean mountain air, we loved it.

Directions: Take Hwy. 50 East to the 42 mile Rd. then turn right and drive up through the cabins until you reach the top where the road has a lot of places to park. You will see a dirt road to your left which is 11 N 19. Drive your quads up that road till you see the trail on your left that is heading up the hill. This should be 17 N 73 according to the Vehicle Restrictions Map. I know it as 10 N 13.  Head up the hill and you are on your way.
Have a safe Trip.

Note: This ride is not compliant with the Eldorado National Motor Vehicle Restrictions Map because there are dirt and gravel roads on this trip that the map shows as (for Highway Legal Vehicles Only).

Harvey ~  ONEwithQUAD