California OHV Trails – ElDorado Natl Forest

I found information on OHV-ATV trails for Elkins Flat Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) Route System in a PDF download-able format from the Dept. of Agriculture and the ElDorado Forestry. Click here for a Foresty Map of Elkins Area Eldorado Forest and additional information this bulletin contains.

Note: Roads are closed to motor vehicles between January and March 31st (sometimes later in the season depending on snow conditions). According to this  March 2010 bulletin there are approximately 600 miles of paved and gravel roads that are not affected by the closures. One of the areas is the Rock Creek area near Georgetown, CA where they have their own policy for closures.

You can also obtain free maps at the ElDorado National Forest offices. These maps – although available and supposedly updated – are not completely accurate as we have found out during our ATV trail rides. So do use a map but be ready to find additional routes as necessary. Join us in asking for up-to-date and clearly defined ATV Off Road maps and routes.

REMEMBER TO BE SAFE: Be aware of Age Restrictions – ATV safety certificates are required for riders under 18 years old. Children under 14 years of age must be supervised by a licensed parent, guardian, or authorized adult when operating an OHV. Wear helmets, don’t carry a passenger on your ATV unless designed for additional passengers. Have your vehicle registered.

For more information contact:
Placerville Ranger District, (530) 644-2324.

GEORGETOWN, CA: OHV Maps:  Xerox copy of the Rock Creek OHV Map is available at Georgetown District office.  The colored printed map is being updated and reprinted and is not available for sale currently.
A Green or Red sticker license is required for any non-highway-legal vehicle to ride on the Eldorado National Forest.  On the Eldorado National Forest, Red and green stickers may ride in the Mace Mill-Rock Creek OHV Area year around.  They may also ride on all other designated OHV roads of the Forest year-round.
7600 Wentworth Springs Road, Georgetown, CA (530)333-4312

For Current Conditions in the Eldorado National Forest click here.

Happy Quad Trails to you!

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