Harvey’s Seatbelt Bags Minnie Wristlet & Coin Purse

Harvey’s Seatbelt Bags Minnie Wristlet & Coin Purse Tough Love When the goin’ gets tough, the tough get tough love from Harveys Seatbelt Bags. This wristlet is a horizontally stitched bag with Rose and Merlot Seatbelts, joined by red leather Heart patch. This minnie purse is an adorable wristlet that can be used as a […]

Eco Friendly Bags for Women on the Go!

HADAKI Bags The Hadaki Bags line of pods to fit your lifestyle was designed for both men and women- from students to young professionals and beyond- who appreciate hip and trendy styling. The Hadaki Bags collection includes computer bags, backpacks, totes of many sizes and coordinated accessories, perfect for travel or trips around town. Designed […]

One With Quad Apparel

NEW! We have created a line of   “One With Quad” apparel. In 24 hours you will find T-shirts, hats and more… at our Zazzle store All apparel is of excellent quality. You’ll love being “one with quad.” We will have a few designs and options available and more designs as time progresses. Be sure to check […]

Quading–is my “Game Changer”

I was watching my latest DRV recording of Oprah’s Oprah Magazine 10th Anniversary show this morning.  One of her guests was Dr. Phil (you do know the Dr. Phil show, right?). He made a statement that stuck with me – a reason why riding my quad riding is something I do – that at present […]

Wrangler – Camo Cargo Pants $16.97

Wrangler – Men’s Camo Cargo Pants Women, I wear these too and they are comfortable for the ride. I don’t worry about the dust and can carry my camera or other small items in the pocket for easy reach. What a deal too! Click on the image to shop!

What is your favorite Quad look, Gals?

♥ Quad gals ♥ This is the part of OneWithQuad.com that is devoted to the gals. Feel free to post comments and suggestions. ♥ Quad gals ♥ I am posting you a question. What is your favorite quad look? For me, I have to dress professionally every day. It’s nice to not make up my […]