Eastern Sierra ATV & UTV Jamboree

Riders wanted at the 2011 Eastern Sierra ATV & UTV Jamboree – Walker, CA. June 15-18th – 2011 Walker, CA.

Are you ready for a thrill of a lifetime? Grab your Quad and get on over to the Eastern Sierra ATV & UTV Jamboree.

This is truly one of those lifetime experiences. Enjoy three fun-filled days of guided trail rides into and through some of the most beautiful country ever created. All rides are headed up by knowledgeable guides, listen to some great history on the local area and bring the camera for some fantastic photo opportunities.

(Sept. 11, 2010 – We were not able to make it this year – 2010. Maybe next! Those of you that did, please let us know how it was and please comment! – Sign up for 2011 today by following this link: Sierra ATV & UTV 2011 Jamboree)

May 2, 2010

As I was looking through the internet this last Saturday, I came across the 2010 Eastern Sierra ATV & UTV Jamboree web page. The site said it’s the only ATV Jamboree in the state of California. As it turns out we were going to go to Carson City the next day to visit our mom in the hospital and afterward decided to take the time to drive down Hwy 395 to the quaint little town of Walker, CA. and check out the area  that the Jamboree  was being held in and what the countryside looked like.

We set out on the drive to Walker and arrived there about 4:00 PM. The town is small and right on Hwy 395. We found a sign that lead us to the Walker Community Center where the staging area is going to be for the Jamboree. The area at the Community Center has a small park and  Senior Center also. We saw a restaurant called Mountain View BBQ on Hwy 395 in town and about 5 different motels. We stopped and took some photos and then I wanted to stop at one more place before we headed home. That place was the Meadowcliff Resort where I saw a ATV Jamboree sign on the way into town. We stopped there and we took some more photos and went to the resort office to check out the availability and price of the rooms. It was then we met Tim and Mary Fesko, the owners of the Meadowcliff Lodge. We found out that Tim is one of the founders and the head guide of the Jamboree.  We had a great visit with them and they told us how beautiful the scenery is on the trail rides and that the views from the tops of the ridges in some places where 360 degrees of the Sierras and Nevada ranges and valleys. On the trail ride you pass Lobdell lake, see wild flowers, wild life, creeks and a old mine and a old cabin to see. Tim told me that a lot of the riding is on small dirt roads and trails (not big wide dirt roads) which makes for a more enjoyable rides. The Northern Mono Chamber of Commerce is in the process of making the Walker – Antelope Valley area an ATV friendly area. Good luck with that one! Tim and Mary’s Meadowcliff Lodge also has many RV Sites which can handle some pretty large RV’s, so check it out.

All and all our short visit with Tim and Mary was a pleasant one and they are truly some nice and friendly people and we at ONE with Quad hope their  2010 ATV Jamboree this year will be another success. Check out their web site by clicking on Riders Wanted Eastern Sierra ATV & UTV Jamboree . You just may see we One with Quad folks there, too!

~ Harvey


Harvey, ATV Ride Founder:Tim Fesko and Nancy

Harvey, ATV Ride Founder: Tim Fesko and Nancy at Meadowcliff Lodge in Walker, CA - Discussing the upcoming ride in June.


ATV-Eastern Sierra Ridge Riders Sign

Join the ATV Jamboree 2010 - Eastern Sierra Ridge Riders

More trip info to follow….

(If you live in Tim’s district check out Tim Fesko for Supervisor)


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