Taking Care of Our Eldorado National Forest

The Bolton's Visiting the Eldorado National Forest

It is essential that everybody stay on the roads while driving your quad. The less impact we, as quaders, make on the forest, the better chance the Forest Service will help keep roads open to our travel. One of the problems is that the erosion from the dirt roads and the travelers driving off the designated dirt roads make for bare hillsides; the dirt is then filtering down the creeks and streams to the rivers. Logging is also a factor. Never-the-less, what it comes down to are groups like the Sierra Club and The Friends of the Sierra will use any means to keep everybody out of the forest but themselves. They are why the El Dorado National Forest is closed from January 1 – March 31 or later each year. As we know, the best time to quad is when the roads are wet and not dusty. The best thing we can do as ATV Quad Riders is to communicate with the Forest Service personnel we see, and let them know that we care about the forest, and would also like more access to more roads so we can take longer trips and explore more of OUR NATIONAL FOREST.

Rules of Travel in ANY Forest:

  • Stay on the roads. Even when the Forest Service signs are knocked down and it looks like other people have road up and down the hillsides. Stay off them.  (Do not tear up the natural ground cover of the forest; it helps with erosion control) We want to use the forest with minimal impact.
  • If you pack it in – pack it out. (Keep the forest clean of trash)
  • Try not to throw dirt by driving too fast around corners. This causes ruts and puddles and more erosion problems let alone tearing up the roads that the forest service needs to use. Remember the Eldorado National Forest is not a racetrack.
  • If you see somebody, or a friend in your group doing something wrong (do everybody a favor), let them know.
  • Use common sense and be courteous. Always slow down when passing other Parked Riders, Vehicles, Horses, Hikers,and Campsites. Help other riders in need. You might be the only help around. (Remember, what you do will come back to you)
  • Ride Safely.  The roadways through the forest are used by many types of vehicles so you don’t know what you might meet around any corner. (Only drive as fast as it is safe – Remember, if you crash and get injured help is a long way away.)


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