Great News! Seasonal Closure Ends May 14th

Seasonal Closure of Designated Dirt Roads and Trails Ends May 14, 2010

Placerville, CA…. Designated dirt roads and trails in the Eldorado National Forest will reopen to motorized use on May 15, ending the wet weather seasonal closure that began on January 1, announced Forest Supervisor Ramiro Villalvazo.

“I am glad that we are lifting the seasonal closure and I appreciate the patience people have shown with the extended closure,” said Villalvazo. “I am sure there are many people who are anxious for the opportunity to get out into our beautiful great outdoors. It is important to me to remind all potential Forest visitors that with the freedom to visit the Forest on motorized vehicles, comes the responsibility to ensure that your activities do not cause resource damage.”

Forest visitors should contact the Ranger Station closest to where they want to visit for the latest road and trail information. Routes open to motorized travel are identified on free‐of‐charge motorized vehicle travel maps, now available at all Eldorado National Forest offices.

The western edge of the Eldorado National Forest has many routes that are located in clay soils that get muddy and easily develop ruts. Visitors who drive on routes that are too wet and cause resource damage may receive citations.

“In the future, decisions about allowing the seasonal closure to end, will be influenced by the evidence of how well the wet or soft soils have been recognized and respected,” said Villalvazo. “I ask that you be cautious about decisions to drive in areas that still have snow on or near the road.”

Higher elevations of the National Forest are still covered with snow and the roads won’t be passable until the snow melts. Villalvazo says that most of the designated routes in the higher elevations have soils that dry out faster than clay soils and are less susceptible to damage.

The decision to reopen designated motorized routes does not affect routes in the Rock Creek Area of the National Forest near Georgetown, which are managed under different closure criteria.

USDA Forest Service News Release
Date: May 13, 2010
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