Buying Tires on the Internet

GBC Grim Reaper Tires

Snow Plowing the Driveway

The picture above is me on my quad with the new GBC Grim Reaper tires I bought through the Internet.

I recently spent a lot of time browsing the Internet looking for ATV Tires for my Suzuki 450 King Quad. The one thing you want to be aware of is that the total price for each tire is with shipping and sales tax, so if you can buy from a vendor that has free shipping and you don’t have to pay sales tax and their prices are low, then you got a deal. You also would be surprised at all the different brands of ATV tires on the market. I will mention some of them, AMS, GBC motor sports, Super Grip, Carlisle, Cheng Shin, Dunlop, Duro, Goodyear, ITP, Kenda, Maxxis, Titan, Nankang, Mud Cat ATV, QB Quad Boss, STI, Sedona, Interco and more. It’s enough to make your head spin. I looked at reviews on tires that I thought would be good ones then I would read comments like: ” I bought these ITP Terra Cross tires and the third time out I got a flat.”  The Info about the tire sounded real good and I was thinking about buying them until reading the comments. And that was the way it went when looking at more and more tires and reading reviews. I just could not make up my mind. I knew from looking at the ratings and comments of the Dunlop tires that came with our Suzuki King Quads that they were not that great of a tire and were only rated a 2 out of a 5 in a five star rating system. Our Dunlop tires are only rated as a 4 ply tire. We have only repaired two flats so far, one because of a sheet-rock screw and the other because of a staple in the 4 years that we’ve had them. No flats out on the trails though. I have always thought that the Dunlop tires took a lot of beating but we don’t drive to the extremes that other riders do. Another thing I learned is that on the side of some ATV tires there are Stars. The Stars represent how many ply ratings the tires have. (One Star for every 2 ply rating  ieg. 3 Stars 6 ply rated 4 Stars 8 ply rated.) The ply rating relates to the strength of the tire to punctures; the higher the number the more resistance to puncture. With all this being said, I just wanted the best all around tire for the best price and I think I might have gotten it… I hope!  I ended up choosing a tire that is a radial tire which is supposed to give a smoother ride, a tread design for good all around grip,  along with an 8 ply rating for puncture resistance, and also a tire I could not find any negative comments about them on the Internet. I got them for a price of  ( Rear 25x10R12 @ $101.66 each and Front 25x8R12 @ $90.61 each with no shipping cost and no Tax).  The brand of tire is GBC motorsports and the tire is called the Grim Reaper.  I Bought my tires from Tires Unlimited. I received the tires about a week later and had them mounted at Walmart for only $5.00 a tire.

I also found that YOU TUBE has a lot of videos on ATV Tires.

So far, I have only used the tires for snow removal with my quad and they definitely have a lot better grip in the snow. I can push more snow with every pass and with a lot less side ways slippage. From here on out I will be updating this page with more about the tires as I go regarding wear, handling, grip in different terrain and puncture resistance.

Other tire brands that I was thinking about buying were Carlisle, ITP, Kenda, Maxxis.

Update !!!!!!     I have had my GBC Grim Reaper tires I bought through the Internet for a year now and put at least over a 1000 miles on them with out any problems at all. The ware on the tires are excellent and they ride smooth for having a 8 ply rating. They hardly have any ware even though I have many miles driving on the pavement. I have climbed steep climbs and the tires supurb grip helped me make it with out a hitch. Never had a flat either. So far I rate these tires as an Excellent all around tire. 


Happy Quading!