Custom ATV/Quad Dolly for Trailer

Harvey created a custom sliding rack that makes it fantastically easy to load and unload 3 Quads. He explains how below. Note: You will see that he had a hard time pushing but it wasn’t  because of the rack motion but because of a bad shoulder. (He had shoulder surgery 3 weeks after this video.)

What I used for the track was from a metal sectional garage door and the rollers that came with it.  For the rack I used some black metal fencing . I used  some center support wheels because the metal fencing was a little weak and bowed down when the quad was on it. The metal fencing also had to be cut down to size by cutting the center out and having a joint in the center where I put the support wheels. I  put angle iron from a bed frame to firm it up also. If a welder made it it could be built with stronger metal and made to the correct size. An aluminum one would be super. Where the Garage track came to the opening where the quads drive up the ramp I needed to end the garage track because the quads cant drive over it easily. I used a U shaped shelf bracket as a guide for the roller wheel to roll in. It was easier for the quads to drive over the U shaped shelf bracket when loading the second quad on the trailer. The garage door parts and a u-shaped channel can be bought at Home Depot.  If you would like more info send me a request. ~ Harvey

Additional videos on the trailer and its ease of use:

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