Breath Fresh Air on a Dusty Road – Make a Snorkel Filter

The first time I went riding on a dusty road behind other quad bike riders I coughed up dirt clods for days. I thought that somebody must make something so you can breathe fresh air without covering your face blowing hot air out and breathing it right back in again. Some people use a handkerchief and that works just fine, but if you want to go one step further, make a Snorkel Filter. I came up with this idea while sitting, day dreaming, watching my son’s schools band spring concert. You can make it yourself. It’s actually easy!

4 Easy Steps to Making Your Snorkel Filter

  1. I purchased a K-Mart Clearwater Adult top purge Snorkel (Dept: 89 CAT: 10 KSN: 87045111-9)  Bar code # 72000 82521.  I bought for under $5.00 on sale.
  2. I went to Home Depot in the lawn mower section and got a filter as seen on the picture. Or you can make your own filter using some kind of fabric. Be creative use a sock!
  3. Use a little piece of ½ inch PVC pipe and ½ inch male PVC cap. And then put it together. It’s easy.
  4. Then mount it to your helmet. ( Works best with an open face helmet )
Home Depot Lawn Mower Filter

Home Depot Lawn Mower Filter

Some people say it looks funny and some people say I should patent it. I say, “Just have fun with it.”

Enjoy the clean air! ~ Harvey

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