Quad Box

Buying an Inexpensive Quad Box – $$ Saver!

If you have looked at quad boxes and they’re a little more pricey than you might want to pay, the boxes you see on the back of our quads were purchased at Walmart for only 17.88 + tax. (Current price may vary.)

Our Black Suzuki 450 King Quad rolled over 4 times down a hill. (A guest was riding and took an unnecessary chance as a newbie – fortunately he was not hurt.) We had $400.00 in plastic and a head light that needed to be replaced, but I believe that if it wasn’t for the box on the back there would have been a lot more damage. It kind of acted like a roll bar. The handlebars only had very minor scrapes on them. The box did get a crack on the top but it wasn’t expensive to replace the whole box. It has worked great since 2007. We also bought a small ice chest that fits in the box from Walmart also. About $10.00. Perfect for fitting all your quading supplies!

To attach the storage box you will just need a drill and four nuts, washers and bolts to attach it to the back of the quad. For more detailed mounting instructions please post your question or email Harvey.

Quad Box on the Suzuki 450

Quad Box on the Suzuki Quad

Contico Storage Locker at Walmart
23 Gallon storage locker. This one has built in handles. Metal latches.
Model w 2326 BK-3   You will find it in the auto section at your local Wal-Mart. The company Contico changed the hinges for some reason but the box is basically the same. Find it at Wal-mart by clicking on the Wal-Mart image below.

Wal-Mart.com USA, LLC
Happy Quading!