Tips for Buying a New or Used Quad

Buying a new Quad?

I discovered that when you want to find out the prices that new and used quads are selling for, is the place to go. That’s what I did. I found, on ATV Trader, a dealership that had out the door prices ( OTD ) for the Suzuki King quads that I wanted at a good deal and then went to a local dealership and found that they would match the price. You could try that. If they don’t, then it might be worth the drive to another dealer. I don’t have any preference on brands of new quads. I have only ridden for 3 years and I’m not a high performance rider; and with all the quads that I’ve seen they all seem to do pretty good. I know that electronic fuel injection and independent rear suspension is the way to go for better performance and a smoother ride. Our Suzuki 450 King Quads do pretty well. Polaris seems to be the most popular brand; I see more of them than other brands on the trails. So what brand? That’s just up to the buyer. I bought our king quads because I thought they were the best quad for the price; $6,300.00 out the door in 2007.  OTD is with sales tax, license, and green sticker included in that price. You could probably do better than that in today’s economy. It also depends on the time of the year it is. I think that fall and winter is when the best deals are so just keep checking until you see a price drop.

Buying a used Quad?

And another thing that I found is that if you want to buy a used quad it’s not the scratches that you should be looking at. The plastic on our quads get scratched so easy when going down narrow trails that have bushes.We could have put very few miles on the engine and they would have been all scratched up. Even if you scuff your shoe across the plastic, it might get scratched. Sometimes the scratches on the plastic might not tell the whole story. If somebody rolled their quad and had to replace the plastic it would look good but might have a bent or twisted frame. So look over the frame for possible damage and check the tops of the handle bars for telltale signs of scratches from a roll over. Check the dip stick to see how clean the oil is. If it is real dark it might mean that it has not been taken care of or serviced regularly. Always test drive if you can.  Also, the quads nowadays have odometers so check how many miles it has on it. My Sister has had her Suzuki king Quad for one year and has ridden it a lot and I also took it to Elko Nevada and the quad now has 590 miles on it. So that is the miles for one active year of driving. Our King quad with the most and hardest miles on it has 2178 miles on it and still runs great and I push snow with a plow on it. I don’t know yet how many miles a quad will go till it gets tired. If somebody knows e-mail me so I can pass the word.

I hope this helps you.

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