Eastern Sierra ATV Jamboree Vacation Day 2 of 3

Friday morning we again headed to the Fire House for breakfast at 7AM. We enjoyed talking to others over breakfast.  After Breakfast we went out to our Quads and started preparing for our ride. Again we were pleasantly surprise that Eli from the magazine and his buddy were going on our ride today. Our ride today is Lobdell Lake.


We started by heading north on Eastside Lane up the Antelope Valley then east on Risue Canyon Rd. ( or FS 050 ). We turned right onto (195) and then south on (065) and up Jackass Creek.



We went over and around a hill and down in a little valley with this long and sort of a steep rocky hill climb we had to make on the other side. Cherilyn and I watched as riders made their way up the hill . I wish I wasn’t just watching and maybe taking some pictures so I would of been able to show someone. Next it was our turn. We headed up the hill in low four wheel drive at about a steady 5 MPH and kept the Quads level and made it without a hitch.  The Picture below is us waiting for the rest of them to catch up.

We drove on some ridge lines and through a little valley and over and along another hill top and down into a little meadow where we met the rest of the quaders coming back. They tried to make it to Lobdell Lake but just couldn’t do it.

So we headed back the way we came but this time we stayed on ( 065 ) and travel down Jackass creek until we made it to Risue Canyon Rd. turned left and went to the place where we stopped the day before at Desert Creek. There we had our BBQ lunch that was provided by the Jamboree for a ten dollar fee. Cherilyn and I had Steak and baked potato with beans and salad. We were late at getting there but it was Yummy!

After Lunch we headed back to Jackass Creek Trail and took it up to ( 195 ) and then back to Risue Canyon Rd. and back towards the Valley and Fire House. When Cherilyn and I got back down to Eastside Lane we decided ( because it was still early ) to ride up the Antelope Valley and then along side the West Walker River to the town of Wellington, Nevada and then back again. We stopped and took pictures of the cows on the Walker River.

We sat and had a bottle of tea out of our ice chest at the Sweet Country Kitchens Patio. They were closed when we got there but she was so nice and said , sit in the patio and injoy yourselves. So we Did.

Our ride, because we made it a longer one, ended up being 81 miles long. I would rate the difficulty of this ride (7) because of the Steep rocky hill climb. Also this ride had some spectacular views of the Sierras and Sweetwater Mountains. We then went back to the Lodge for dinner and good night’s rest.

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