Quad Riding to Bodie Ghost Town with Keith and Harvey 7/2011

Quading to Bodie Ghost Town with Keith and Harvey 6/2011

On our second day staying in the Walker / Coleville area, Keith and I decided to go to Bodie Ghost Town. To do that, we traveled South on Hwy 395 about 30 miles until we made it to the town of Bridgeport, CA where we stopped and bought our sandwiches at a little Deli for our lunch out on the trail and then bought a soft ice cream cone from Jolly Kone which was right next to the Deli. We passed on the massage.

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We then went South to the end of town and turned east on Hwy 182 for a few miles until we saw some gravel and asphalt piles on the right side of the road. This is where we were told by Tim to pull in and park and stage the quads.

From there we started East and turned on the first trail to the right which came to a gate. We opened then closed the gate and started up the grade which was running in a little canyon parallel to the Masonic Road which was just Northeast of us, and off into the Bodie Hills we went. Most all of the riding we did was eight to ten thousand feet in elevation.


This road was narrower compared to the Masonic Road, in which we could have traveled, but this road was more technical and adventurous. We traveled up the little canyon working our way through the gates, aspens and beautiful rock outcroppings along the way to the top where we stopped and took a break.


We were at a “T” in the road with the Masonic Mountain just up to the left of us and the road to Bodie heading down to the right of us.

(Below) Behind Keith is the road we traveled up; through the canyon. The next 3 pictures are looking right, straight, and to the left of the direction we are headed. Reviewing the map above, we are parked at the “N” in Mountain. (Masonic Mtn)



From the top at the “T” we took a right and started down the hill. As we made our descent we were heading left down and around the mountain into the valley below until we got to the Bodie / Masonic Rd. (169) where we made a right turn. We were heading down the road when we came upon some lazy cattle lying in the road and they didn’t look happy about having to get up and move.



From there we drove to four corners ( Crossroad of 168 and 169 ) and continued to drive on (169) until we got to the little road to your right just before you cross the first fork of Rough Creek. We turned right on the little road and were heading up through a meadow with a couple of creek crossings traveling towards Potato Peak in the background. The wildflowers were beautiful on the way up the meadow.


We went through a gate and then drove up to Potato Peak. The road doesn’t actually make it to the top, but pretty close. At the top we could see Bridgeport Lake and town to the North and Mono Lake to the South. Potato Peak’s elevation is 10,286 and  Bodie Mountain, which is right next to Potato Peak, is 10,168 ft.  There were some spectacular views from up there.

While on the mountain top, we talked to a guy who drove up in a Toyota 4 Runner and he said that the road ahead got steep beyond Bodie Mtn.  The guy in the 4 Runner stayed as we continued on around the mountain toward Bodie Mtn. to find the way, but after seeing the way through a gate and then driving sidehill along a fenceline and knowing that it was going to get steep after Bodie Mtn.  it just didn’t look appealing to us so we headed back the way we came. Here below I am making a creek crossing while Keith and I are talking on our

Bluetooth two-way.  Having the Bluetooth two-way makes the trip so much better when you can have conversations with each other while you ride.

We made it back down to Masonic / Bodie Rd. (169) and headed down Geiger Grade towards Bodie and there was Bodie Ghost Town!


Bodie is a State Park and a $7.00 entry fee has to be paid. Payment is self service.  Little envelopes have to be filled out, money inserted and then dropped into the slot in a pipe.  Then, you must put the tear-off tag from the envelope on your quad. Make sure you bring a pen or pencil to fill it out because we could not find one there. I also advise you to bring a piece of tape to tape the tag to your quad so the wind doesn’t blow it away. They frown at having it on your person.

Below is a General Store and a Saloon.


This is the Church.



An old fancy House. Probably someone that was well off.            Store Buildings.

Keith saw this old car and had to sit in it . We jokingly reminisced about how it must have been just like the car he had when he was a teenager. Keith said that he also, “Ran that car right into the ground”!  LOL

Here is just a good picture of me.                                     Looking back at Bodie. You can see the road we came in on in the background.




On the journey back we wanted to drive to the top of Masonic Mtn. and look at the views.

I think this is looking down towards Sugarloaf Mountainand Big Indian Mountain This is looking straight at Masonic Mountain.


Keith and I made it to the top of Masonic Mtn. and boy, what a view!


View looking North


View looking East                                                                Looking West at Bridgeport Lake and the canyon below heading back to the truck


We had a great time on our trip to Bodie. The weather was pleasant, the ride was enjoyable, and now it is time to get back to camp, clean up and head out to Topaz Lodge for dinner.

Harvey Bolton