Quading–is my “Game Changer”

I was watching my latest DRV recording of Oprah’s Oprah Magazine 10th Anniversary show this morning.  One of her guests was Dr. Phil (you do know the Dr. Phil show, right?). He made a statement that stuck with me – a reason why riding my quad riding is something I do – that at present – and why it’s important to me. He said, emphatically: “… you need to find a ‘game changer’ for yourself. I think people get into ruts too much… I think we wind up just kind’a living someone else’s script for our life. We do what we are expected to do. And it so easy to wind up just going through the motions instead of just doing what you really want to do.”

He also said something I have thought myself from time to time: “You have to be willing to do something – to change something. Do something different. Even if it is just waking up at a different time, or moving your furniture around… “or in my instance I found taking up quad-ATV driving-riding the “something different” that helps me WAKE UP and feel alive.

I was always a shy gal (still am) and not very athletic  – and with my flat feet, something easy like hiking could become a bit miserable rather than a fun experience. So, when my brother, Harvey, had me try driving a quad, I found a part of me expanded. I found I wasn’t feeling “flat lined.” I have used the term “flat line” because when my life repeats itself over and over and nothing changes I feel like the walking dead – numb, like what’s the reason to get up in the morning? I have good balance, am alert, strong and could handle the quad. I felt like I was a kid on a Disneyland ride.

Quading is something I, in my late 50’s, could take up with out being in primo shape, gives me thrills and I feel like I am in control of my experience. Had I been more of an active participant in life, I may have found other outlets rather than have having the feeling I was just the passenger in my life.  On my quad I drive. I like it that way. I still may follow, but I am not watching others – being the observer, as I have been for many years.

Don’t think about what others might say. No one would ever have expected me, Nancy, to be riding a quad in camo pants, especially me! So are you open to changing your game?  You just may find quading one of your new passions – your “game changer.” What ever your new passion is, I hope you never let yourself fall into the mundane and “flat-line.”  Be open and ready for new experiences… and stay out of the ruts.

~ Nancy


  1. Kelli Hughes says:

    Right on. You go girl.