Riding the Sweetwater Mountains with Keith and Harvey

After Going to the Eastern Sierra Jamboree in June I have wanted to go back and see more of the Sweetwater Mountains and the area. This time I asked a friend of mine, Keith, if he would like to go with me to explore more of the area with me and he said yes. He’s the friend of mine that got me interested in quad riding back in 2006, and then I went out in 2007 and bought 3 Quads. [read more...]


  1. Robert Mitchell says:

    Harvey, have done a lot of riding at desert creek and Lobdale lake area. Met, your pal Keith a couple of weeks ago.He is my girl friend’s lincare provider. He told me of your site. We (4 of us) have been all over this area and more. One place, which is really rough to get to, is the monarch mine. We stopped going there, as it is just getting too rough and some what dangerous, due to falling rocks on the trail/road. Send me your e-mail address and I will send you a few photos of the mine. Beautiful country!

    Robert (Mitch) Mitchell