Riding with Friends of ONEwithQUAD!

Some ONEwithQUAD.com readers have contacted us about joining us for a ride.  Some have brought their own quad and others have rode on one of our quads. We always have a great time. E-Mail me if you would like to ride with us at harvey_bolton at Yahoo.com.

Below are some of the people who have joined us for a ride:



Gabriel and Shawna drove up from the Stockton area to ride with my sister Nancy and I in the Alder Creek area on May 13,2013. Shawna has a quad and has rode some but has not rode in the mountains much and was a little shy about it. Gabriel wanted her to come up and give it a try. I let her drive one of our King Quads so she could see how a 4×4 utility quad handles. Just like most of the people who have ridden with us , she did great !! And as for Gabriel, another day in the park.

We started slow and worked into a water crossing at Alder Creek.

G & S 1

G & S 2








Then to Ora Springs and Morrison Cowboy Camp.

G & S 3G & S 5









G & S 4


G&S 6




Then we went up to Alder Creek Falls.



G&S 7

G&S 8










G&S 9










We had a great time with Gabriel and Shawna riding through the woods. I hope we do it again.


Richard and Janet came from Reno to ride with Cherilyn and me in the Alder Creek area on April 20, 2013.  They have a 400cc 2 up Can Am Outlander 4WD quad. Richard and Janet have been riding for some years now and are intermediate riders that can handle some rough terrain; and so we did just that. I wish I could have gotten more pictures of the tough spots than I did, but we just kept riding. We covered about 65 miles on our trip.

We staged on Light Canyon Rd.  Here is a picture of Richard and Janet and their quad clean , but they just got dirtier as the day went by.

A Richard & Janet 1








Here is Cherilyn through some tough spots.

B Richard & Janet 2C on three wheels










Richard and Janet through some rough spots.

B Richard & Janet 3B Richard & Janet 3 A








Stopped for a view of Hwy 50 and the surrounding mountains.

B Richard & Janet 4B Richard & Janet 5








More rough areas for Richard to navigate.

B Richard & Janet 6B Richard & Janet 7








Then we crossed through Alder Creek.  You can tell Richard and Janet are having a good time; look at the smile on their faces.

B Richard & Janet 8B Richard & Janet 9








Time to stop a Morrisons Cowboy Camp. The meadow was so nice and green. Anybody need an outhouse?

B Richard & Janet 10B Richard & Janet 11








Riding Quads, seeing the sights, and making new friends. What a Beautiful Day !!!!

B Richard & Janet 12B Richard & Janet 13








Stopping to see Alder Creek Falls.

B Richard & Janet 14B Richard & Janet 15








Some great views and such a nice couple.

B Richard & Janet 16B Richard & Janet 17








Our last stop was at Silver Fork American River, and then the ride back to the trucks.

B Richard & Janet 18


We had a super time with Richard and Janet and are looking forward to spending time with them again.

Thanks for coming you guys !!







Bill Morris joined Keith,Cherilyn and I on his first ride on a King Quad in the Camp Creek and Alder Creek area on April 6, 2013. He only did a little bit of quading before but nothing like the 65 miles of quading he was going to do today.

A Bill 1We met up at Safeway Parking lot at about 10: 30 AM

Keith and Bill went in to buy some sandwiches while Cherilyn got her picture taken.






It didn’t take him long to feel comfortable riding the 450 King Quad up through the forest roads. The King Quads are pretty easy to get used to driving . We only rode about an hour before we stopped at one of our favorite places for lunch overlooking some falls on Camp Creek.

A Bill 2A Bill 3








We then headed up Camp Creek to the Pilliken area and came to a place where the snow was too deep to go on. So we turned around and headed back and over the ridge to the Alder Creek area and rode for awhile, and then got to Alder Creek at the Light Canyon crossing. There goes Cherilyn crossing the creek.

A Bill 4A Bill 5








Now Keith’s turn. Notice how we are keeping our feet up high and dry.

A Bill 6A Bill 7








After the creek crossing we went up to Morrison Cowboy Camp kicked back and took some pictures . It’ only going to get prettier through this month. Such a nice Meadow at the camp.

A Bill 8             A Bill 9

We left the camp and rode up to Alder Creek Falls.

A Bill 11A Bill 12








We then rode  further up the road and did some snow crossings. Most of the snow you could drive around but some of the patches of snow we wanted to play in.

First Me ……… then Keith. Yahoo !!!!!!!

A Bill 15A Bill 16








Then Bill. Oh No !! Got in a little to deep and high centered.  Time to winch him out.

A Bill 17A Bill 18








We got Bill free from the snow and we started our trip back to the truck. Crossing Alder Creek again we took pictures of Bill as he was crossing. Go Bill !!!  Get those feet up.

A Bill 19A Bill 20








Good job man.

A Bill 21A Bill 22







A Bill 23

OOOH  !!!! Bill you got your feet wet. LOL  But the lower half of the quad is clean.

We all had a blast riding that day and I don’t have pictures of all the great quading we did. The next morning I got an E-Mail from Bill and this is what he had to say.

I really enjoyed quad riding with you, Cherilyn and Keith yesterday.
You are a great guide! I felt your passion for the sport, and this
made the day even better. You really know your way around the area.
Thank you as well for being so generous as to share all of your great
equipment with me (your quad was filthy after I rode, I felt bad that
I didn’t wash it… or at least Keith should have, since he lives
closer!!) Say hi to Cherilyn, I enjoyed riding with her, she rides a
mean quad!


Ron Wood joined Keith,Cherilyn and I on his first ride on a Quad in the Camp Creek area. The weather was perfect for a day of quading.The trip was about 55 miles of dirt roads and 4WD trails from about 5000 ft  to 7000 ft in elevation with some beautiful stops along the way.  It only took Ron about ten miles and he was riding like he owned the Quad. Ron said he had a great time and would like to go again. Here are some pictures of our trip.





Rons ride 1A     Rons ride 1B     Rons ride 1C

Rons ride 1F       Rons ride 1D  Rons ride 1E 






Dr. John Mooney and his wife Ellen joined us for their first quad ride in the Alder Creek area. It had snowed two days before we took our ride so we did quite a lot of riding in the snow ,even though I don’t have pictures to show you. We had a super time and they did really well for their first time driving a quad.




We were pleased to have Jason Santander, a Shifter Kart Racer from the South Bay, join us for a 70 mile Quad ride in the Alder Creek area. Jason isn’t a newcomer to riding a machine hard and fast but for ATV/quad riding he has only one year under his belt. We had a great quad ride and in Jason’s own words this is what he had to say:


“I arrived at the Safeway Parking lot at Pollock Pines on Dec 31, 2011 by 9 a.m. It took about 2.5 hours from Santa Clara without speeding. Keith, Harvey & Cherilyn arrived shortly after. About a 25 minute drive took us to an entrance to the trails. With our warm gear on, audio communications in our helmets, we rode down this semi paved road which leads to the woods. The trails are very unique, some seem like they have not been rode on for a while; in fact it seemed we were going on them for the first time. It is amazing how Harvey lead us and knew exactly where to go. This is the Sierras! With miles and miles of changing terrain. I expected cruising at a slow pace but we went in a reasonably brisk pace right before lunch. The views were spectacular. The terrain was what I had wanted, a mix of many conditions like snow, ice, water, ruts,rocks, dust, mud, etc. The Sierra landscape was amazing with frozen waterfalls, tall trees and some old historical places too.”


“ATV’ing to me is about traveling the earth’s rarely ridden paths. It’s also about being one with a machine that is designed to ride in nearly any condition. I love the mechanics of an ATV, having the suspension articulate through the terrain, jumps, etc. I was in heaven.”


“We had a great lunch courtesy of the Bolton’s at Sand Flat Campground. We were next to Hwy 50 which actually gave me ideas on where I could park an RV if I ever had one. Later in the day on our ride back to our trucks, the pace was reasonably faster to get back before dark. In my opinion, it took advanced skills to do this ride. ATV’ing can be dangerous but it takes a skill level to understand how to ride with the ever-changing terrain. In controlling the handlebars an ATV requires the right amount of “float” and “firm” hand. Everyone in the group had a lot of ride time and had the skills needed for the ride. I think only steeper up or downhill would have made it more challenging if one wanted more extreme riding. I cannot wait to ride with Harvey and the group again. I thank Harvey, Keith and Cherilyn for all the fun and camaraderie; I was One with Quad for New Years Eve!”

— Jason Santander  Dec. 31 2011 Honda Rancher 420 AT

We all had a wonderful time with Jason and look forward to having him ride with us again. He is truly a ONEwithQUAD rider.

For ONEwithQUAD guided tours contact Harvey onewithquad.com for more information.


Steven Brubaker rode with me in November 2011 in the Alder Creek area .  We had a great time and covered a lot of ground. We drove through snow and ice and through some creek crossings in which the creek was frozen over with a quarter-inch sheet of ice. We broke through the ice and kept right on going.





Jianna rode with Cherilyn and I in the Pilliken/Camp Creek area in October.  It was Jianna’s first time quading and she did great. Cherilyn talked her through the whole trip using the Blue Tooth helmets teaching her what she needed to know while riding.











Dr. Lee Kinney rode with me this summer in the Alder Creek area. This was his first ride on a Quad and with the Blue-tooth communications in our helmets I was able to talk him through the trip for a safe ride. Lee caught on quick and was riding like he had Quaded many times before. We went to Ora Springs, Alder Creek Falls and to Silver Fork American River on our trip. We even had to go off-road to ride around a tree that had fallen across the trail.









This last summer we took a group out in the Pebble Canyon area. The group consisted of Greg, Bruce, Keith, Shelby, Cherilyn and I.  This was the first time Greg had ridden with us, but Bruce and Keith have ridden with us before; Keith many times before. And Shelby is my son and Cherilyn my wife.  We had a great time even though we had a time deadline to get back.












I took Ray Johnson quading in the Alder Creek area. It was a beautiful day for quading and we had a great time riding. I took him to Ora Springs, Alder Creek Falls, Broken Slabs, Teetering Rock and Silver Fork American River.