We need more access to trails and better maps…

We think we need more access to trails and better maps. See what the ATV group in Canada is saying about their trails:

January 28, 2010 —COWICHAN VALLEY – All-terrain vehicle riders in the Cowichan Valley say they are tired of being relegated to logging roads and want better to more trails.
The local ATV club is campaigning to be allowed on multi-use trails such as the Trans Canada Trail, right alongside hikers, cyclists and horse-back riders.

The Quad Riders Association of British Columbia says in other parts of Canada there’s far more access for all-terrain vehicles, and it’s time for this province to follow suit. The group says its dedicated to educating other riders on being responsible. Within the last month has started a trail patrol to curb rowdy behaviour.

The quad riders club has met with the regional district about improving trail access and is going to meet with the village of Lake Cowichan in early March.