Our ATV – Quad Blog e-zine is for those of you who love to ride their quads, ATV’s, OHV or 4-wheel drives on dirt roads through the forest and countryside and enjoy exploring the beautiful trees, waterfalls, canyons, creeks, rivers, mountains, sand dunes, deserts, mines and old mining towns our Western USA has to offer.  You can contact me at : ( harvey@onewithquad.com )

We are based in El Dorado County, California and spend most of our time in the El Dorado Forest, but we do take Quad / ATV riding trips to many other places. We want to share with you the wonderful places we go, things we’ve learned, gadgets we have made, products we have bought and in general, bits and pieces that might help you have better quad / ATV riding adventures. In turn, we welcome your e-mails, or posts sharing with us the places you have been and things you have learned, made or bought, as you are One with Quad. Please help us keep this informational quad riding blog on-line by using our affiliates for great products and great resources. And DO check out the money saving tip section, too! Enjoy! ~ The Bolton’s

Remember you can contact me at : ( harvey@onewithquad.com ) I would be great to hear from you.