What is your favorite Quad look, Gals?



♥ Quad gals ♥
This is the part of OneWithQuad.com that is devoted to the gals. Feel free to post comments and suggestions.

♥ Quad gals ♥ I am posting you a question. What is your favorite quad look?
For me, I have to dress professionally every day. It’s nice to not make up my face (much) and go to lengths to fix my hair (I just get helmet head anyway.) I love the camo pants I found in the men’s department at Walmart. (I looked everywhere but most were too stiff of material for my liking.) They are Wranglers. For me a great fit. I never thought I’d wear such a thing. After all, I am 55-something! I love the leg pockets. I have at easy access my camera and chap stick. It just wasn’t an outfit I had ever considered including in my wardrobe…until last March! FUN! ♥ Nancy

Techno Nancy goes Camo

You too can look like this after a long hot and dusty ride! Enjoy yourself!

You don't know me - right!


  1. The new U – who’d have thunk it?!?!!! Nice idea havin’ the gal page. Keep up the good work, Nancy.

  2. Do they have quad gear/outfits for doggies?
    (Never know when Chase and Claire of http://www.doggydundee.com might stop by for an experiential visit and photo shoot.)